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Medigap plans or medicare supplement plans  help to off set the costs that original medicare does not cover.  With medicare there are many expenses such as hospitalization (Covered under part A)  or doctors office visits (Covered under part B) that require a deductible to be paid and still may require payment for a percentage of the total bill.

Medicare supplement plans pay a portion or the entire left over amounts.  (See schedule of benefits.)

Because medigap plans help to pay after medicare payments have been made Medicare remains your primary coverage.  Therefore, you can usually go to any doctor that accepts medicare.

Because of this medigap plans are a better option in most instances for individuals that travel.

Because of these added benefits there is a monthly charge on all medicare (medigap) options.  (Please enter your information and we'll do a break down on many plans available to you.)

Because straight medicare does not include prescription drug coverage you will have to get a part D plan in addition to your supplement.

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