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Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Medicare Supplemental Quote

Many people can qualify for lower rates on their medicare supplement plan.  As an agency in Arizona we provide multiple carrier quotes for your


Simply put in your information and our system will provide for you a quote comparison of  several plans from many different insurance companies.


●Medicare will remain your primary insurange coverage and the supplement will become your secondary.

●Usually you can go to any doctor that accepts Medicare.

●Out of state coverage is available for Medicare contracted doctors and hospitals. 

●Presciption drug coverage (Part D) needs to be purchased separately.

●Changes to these plans may be made at any time but may require underwriting. 

●Plans have monthly premiums.

●Plan types are the same for all insurance companies.
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Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare supplement plan benefits are generally the same with all companies.  Each plan is identified by a letter such as A, B, C, D, F, G, M, and N.  (More Info) 

The medicare part B deductible for 2012 is $140.00.   This is considered a calendar year deductible so once it is satisfied it is paid for the the year.

Do not get the medicare supplement plan types confused with Medicare A and B.  Medicare part A usually does not have a cost.  Medicare part B however does.  For most people this would be $99.90 for 2012.  If your stated income is higher your part B premium may also be higher.  Please contact us for a complete summary on how this works.  

The state of Arizona also has an option that you may qualify for to pay your part B premium. (More Info)    



Medicare advantage plans usually have a lower premium than a Medicare supplement plan.  Many of these types of plans are commonly referred to as HMO's.  When visiting a physician there is normally a copay.  Many times the prescription drug coverage (part D) is included in the plan.  These plans can change from year to year.  They are county specific so if you move you may be required to change your plan.  (More Info)